AquaZerve’s Reclaimed Water Irrigator waters your landscape so you don’t buy landscape water. Now is the perfect time to Do Easy with AquaZerve’s eco-friendly poolside gardens!

Enjoy water smart do-it-yourself garden themes that optimize your new AquaZerve® Reclaimed-Water Irrigator system. The grass is in the past! Today’s lawn-free vibrant landscapes include trees and plants that are forever beautiful and sustainable. Included with your AquaZerve® service we provide guidance for everything you’ll need from professional landscape design plans, recommended planting lists, and spacing diagrams.

Choose one of our professionally designed Go-To Poolside Garden themes, inspired by exciting beach, desert, and island destinations. AquaZerve’s eco-friendly TDS Controller and Landscape Irrigator feature gives you the power to create your own tranquil space. And AquaZerve’s Go-To Gardens include trees and plants recommended by the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s Tree Enhancement recommendations and Water Smart Landscapes Program. With AquaZerve’s environmentally efficient water savings, and your know-how, what could be better than vacationing poolside?

Choose AquaZerve’s:

  • Adventurous Polynesian Tropical Garden
  • South Carolina Myrtle Beach Sea-Grass Garden
  • Southwest Mountain-Desert Magic Garden

AquaZerve® Reclaimed-Water Irrigator System