Reasons to love the Aquazerve® and Why our customers do!

"Since using the Aquazerve our flower beds and plants are maintained year round by our pool. We even use it for our birdbath."
Bill & Charlene Webb
“Since installing the Aquazerve the water has been crystal clear and all stains are eliminated. We have never drained our pool and there has been no need to. The small amount of water that drips onto our plants makes them grow like crazy!" Harry & Elizabith Peters

“On top of all the great things the

Aquazerve TDS controller does for our pool, we never had to drain our pool again. What a waste of time, money and water.

This product is economical and time saving and will make your pool sparkle!”

Tony & Robin Or

“Before the Aquazerve our pool was green and unappealing. Now

it sparkles and shimmers.”

John and Mie Blakely

“The water in our pool is crystal clear and seems to be of much better

quality as far as clarity and feel etc…than prior to having the Aquarzerve installed. We have also noticed a decrease in pool calcium on the tile at the water line as well as a decrease in staining in the pool.

Chuck & Jan Wilson