Understanding Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
and how to control your pool water with AquaZerve®:

Why do pool owners traditionally drain their pools?

One simple reason, because of the excessive accumulation of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water. A number of physical and chemical conditions result in high TDS. First, In the summertime, temperatures reach 120 degrees. Combined with low humidity and windy conditions, the evaporation rate in your swimming pool is greatly excelled. When water evaporates, only H2O dissipates. The TDS remains in that body of water supply through the automatic water fill. The water coming into the pool has a TDS factor. Thus, a rise in TDS.

Leaves and other debris in your pool affects water balance, consumes chemicals and can stain your pool surfaces.

A single dog in a pool is equivalent to 3 or more people. It will raise the pH and quickly consume the pool’s chlorine.

Human waste washes off their bodies because they don’t shower thoroughly before hitting the water.

A high level of TDS leads to problems such as cloudy pool water, staining of the pool surfaces, scaling, hard water and a salty taste.

In addition to this, everything that enters the body of water; dirt, leaves, chemicals, bodies, pets, etc…etc. EVERYTHING has a TDS factor, which contributes to the overall rise of TDS in the body of water.

In some regions, i.e.; coastal California, climate is not the main reason for a rise in TDS, rather chemicals are being used. Calcium hardness, for example, is the main contributing factor in these regions due to the use of Calcium and Sodium Hypochlorite.

When the TDS level of pool water rises, subtle problems will begin to occur: calcium deposits will appear at the pool water line, brown manganese stains, salty taste to water, irritation to skin and eyes, etc… As the TDS rises higher and higher, these problems amplify to a point where the pool will begin to deteriorate.

At high levels of TDS, calcium will begin to replace the plaster in gunite pools. this will expose itself as a dime-sized circle on the plaster. At this point, the calcium deposit at the water line will have grown to resemble a stalactite, and manganese stains may be very evident.

The answer is AQUAZERVE®; using the AquaZerve® will result in a healthy body of water, thereby allowing greater efficiency of all chemicals used.


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The answer is AQUAZERVE®, using the AquaZerve will result in a healthy body of water thereby allowing greater efficiency of all chemicals used. Staining can now be controlled with any number of products available.